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Site Design
Communiverse Solutions offer full web design services for your business, including Flash creation.  Other elements include, hosting, Domain registration and Virtual tours.

Internet Access
A full range of business Broadband products are available as well as leased line and other managed connectivity services.

Website Submission
We offer four services, Basic, High, Super and Extreme, priced and designed to cater for any customer requirement, whether it be guaranteed Google placing or hit reporting, what ever you need from a submission service, we can provide it within these four packages.  

If your business has a product that it sells, then it will probably be able to be sold over the Internet. This can take your sales to a global audience of millions.

For small businesses who don't have email just yet, we offer a simple service. We supply you with an email address that you can advertise and when our server receives any messages to the mail box it will automatically fax you the message.

Security Auditing
As part of our overall commitment to our customers, we provide penetration testing to ensure the integrity of the network infrastructure in place. This can include making sure that all software on the network routers and servers have the latest patches to close vulnerabilities from hackers.

Spam Filtering
The proliferation of programs grabbing email addresses from a variety of sources, has reached epidemic proportions, this means if your not already a victim of this kind of nuisance email, you soon will be.  Fortunately there are hardware and software based solutions available that can protect you against these attacks.

To alleviate the increasing internet and mail born malicious threats faced by everyday businesses,  we provide a variety of tailored firewall solutions both hardware and software, dependent on the particular business need. These range from Cisco PIX through to WatchGuard, Checkpoint, Barracuda and Finjan ranges to name but a few.